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9/30/19 Update Log || Dzone Update || New Boss Drop Table

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Glory Update Log 9/30/19

Pvm-Ticket Shop Changes:

- Pvm Ticket shop has been Removed, And replaced with a Pvm Ticket Chest at home. 

I removed this because I see no purpose in having a pvm ticket shop any further with the changes ive made. 

(However I would rather replace the weird random chest tickets you get and cant even use anymore, with this idea instead.)

- The Pvm Ticket Chest Costs 250k to use the chest and it gives random amounts of coins and low tier items most of the time with rare rewards such as a ring of wealth, golden octo and Demonic aura wings.



Donator Zone Update:

- Command is ::Dzone (For all donator ranks)
- The donator zone has been updated it has various Skilling npcs/objects and a couple small bosses (evil chicken, blink, and both fire and ice abyssal demons)

- Also there is a bank chest there for ez Skilling.



Slayer Changes:

- Slayer boxes contain better items.

- You now receive the same amount of slayer tickets as you do task points per task.
(this means wildy slayer doubles your slayer tickets). 
Crystal Chest drops from slayer monsters has been removed. 
Now every time you kill a monster from a task you have a chance to receive a Slayer Box every kill.

GWD (God Wars Dungeon) Changes:

- Bandos: Drops upgraded Bandos chest plate, tassys, and boots. (Starter)
Arma: Drops Upgraded Armadyl chest,legs, and helm plus the Upgraded AGS.
(Both at with rates that are in favor of new players).

NPC Drop Changes:

- Most drop tables buffed.

(Edit couple hours later): Removed the boss table system. Buffed most the drop tables of the most common bosses.





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