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Nik's Application :)

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In-Game Username: Nik / Nik Skills

Forum Username: Nik

Age: 20

Timezone / Country: EST-US

Language: English

Have you ever been assigned a staff position? If so, what did you duties entail? :

Yes, i was an admin on old Glory for an extended amount of time. My duties were to watch over the mods, help out anywhere that was needed and make sure that everyone was alright in the game and or on forums.
Do you have skills such as Artistic Design, Coding, Computer Security, etc? If so, provide details :

Some skill in Artistic Design. Taking a few college classes with it and coding as well.
How much time do you spend weekly on Glory? :

15-20 (estimate from the first couple days playing)
What do you like the most about Glory? :

The feeling of accomplishment when i finally finish something / get something I've been going after for awhile.
Why would you like to work with us? :

I feel as if i would be an amazing asset. I'm on enough to know whats going on in-game. I always have the Forums and Discord open when i'm in-game.
Why would you make a good addition to the current team? :

Repeat of last answer but to add on to that. I know the rules of RSPS's, of Glory. I know how the games are played and how they're not supposed to be played. I could make sure that nobody is taking advantage of bugs, glitches, or even just farming KS at edge. I feel as if i could really be beneficial to add to the team. 🙂
What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to Glory's staff team? :

I'm always on the have fun, not just sit around and do nothing for hours on end. I would make sure everyone is having a good time and not bored.
What do you expect to get out of being staff on our server? :

I don't expect to get anything. Just here to help out, i ask for nothing in return.
State three qualities a staff member should have: 

Attentiveness, Passion, understanding
Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc :

I work at TopGolf, very fun job. I love to watch baseball. I stream via Twitch (not going to link it here) and i just enjoy playing tons of games online.
Anything else you would like us to know :
I think i covered everything 🙂

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Would of loved to have seen a bit more effort put into this application, a few grammar errors and such. Haven't been in-game yet. Wish you the best of luck! 

Ps: Grammar is important, as it display's professionalism and that you've taken this application seriously. 

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