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[MUST USE] Official Staff Application Template

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Please follow the format below to apply for staff. Make sure that you have read ALL of the requirements and criteria and that you follow the rules stated below before applying. 


Glory RSPS


Rules : 
Please use the template included below to format your application. 

* You will not post an application if you do not meet the requirements. 

* You will not comment on another application during the time you have an application up. 

* You will not post an application if you've had any indiscretions (Forum or In-Game) within the last month.

* You will list all previous infractions you've had on any associated accounts. Failure to do so will result in your application being declined.

* The use of any written portion from another person's application will be reated as plagiarism and result in the immediate decline of the application. 

* You will not create another topic on this board until your application is handled. 

* You must have a Discord account.

* You are not allowed to have any warning points on your account.

* You are not allowed to link your application to other users or tell them to support your application. 

* If your application is declined. you are not allowed to post another one for 14 days. 

Template : 

In-Game Username:

Forum Username: 


Timezone / Country: 


Have you ever been assigned a staff position? If so, what did you duties entail? :

Do you have skills such as Artistic Design, Coding, Computer Security, etc? If so, provide details :

How much time do you spend weekly on Glory? :

What do you like the most about Glory? :

Why would you like to work with us? :

Why would you make a good addition to the current team? :

What skills or unique qualities could you possibly offer to Glory's staff team? :

What do you expect to get out of being staff on our server? :

State three qualities a staff member should have: 

Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc :

Anything else you would like us to know :

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Glory is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Glory allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

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