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  1. Would of loved to have seen a bit more effort put into this application, a few grammar errors and such. Haven't been in-game yet. Wish you the best of luck! Ps: Grammar is important, as it display's professionalism and that you've taken this application seriously.
  2. Just a list, trail blazing.. #1 Highscores Most Votes upon opening day First to max'd First to obtain a rare drop from vorkath
  3. Tubus


    Hello, my names Hayden, also known as Tubus. I've been a programmer going back to my days in college - 7 years ago. I love my RuneScape, I look forward to playing here. Time for a change.

About us

Glory is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Glory allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

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Global events such as tournaments and the world boss offer unique items! you can participate in them for free!

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Your vote means so much to us, you can vote to help us reach the top list of private servers, and receive awards!

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